January 6, 2006


Hey Peeps ! ! !

First of all, PRAISE GOD for givin' me such a great life troughout these past wonderful years, which had really taught me zillion of stuffs that I couldn't even imagine . . .

2nd, hey! Welcome to my bloggy page. To sum freaks, they'll know how I sux in bloggy-mood, but since 2006 gonna suprise me a lot more than previous years, guess it is the time for me to share my empty-lonely feelings . . Stick 'round dudez, fr fingertips it reveals tonnes of secrets . . . . .

Last but not least, I'd love to shoutout a special greeting to my friends who have never gave up their supports, loves and even themselves to me. U guys 'll kno who u are, if you did that in the name of friendship and love.
I owe u guys.

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